Røkgasspjeld for store kanaler og høye temperaturer fra
Edelhoff Industriearmaturen GmbH

Forbrenningsanlegg - Dampkjeler - Gasskraftverk - Gassturbinanlegg
Offshore og Onshore

Dampers are an important part of energy systems.
We represent a German damper manufacturer with many years of experience with dampers for many types of furnaces and fluegas types, both offshore and onshore applications.

Different damper types in our delivery program are listed below:

  • Diverter dampers
  • Louvre dampers
  • Stack dampers
  • Flap dampers
  • Guillotine dampers
  • Safety dampers
  • High temperature dampers

Installation, Commissioning and Maintenance

Our principals has a qualified team of experts is available for:

Supervision of local assembly personnel and complete damper system  installation including crane, scaffolds, etc.

We recommend that this work be supervised by our experts, especially where it concerns more complicated systems like diverters, guillotine dampers and multilouvre dampers with seal air systems, etc.

Simple standard dampers can be checked by local plant staff using our handbook. Diverters, guillotines and safety dampers should be checked by our specialists during standard shut-downs, preferably once a year.

Every job will be completed with a test programme supervised by our relevant site personnel with a final acceptance protocol.
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