WE-ER  fittings for pipes and hoses
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WE-ER  hose fittings for compressed 
air - water - gas

WE-ER push-on hose connections 
for compressed air, water and gas hoses

WE-ER high pressure pipe connections
form "B"

WE-ER pipe connector 
Form "A" and Form "B"

WE-ER pressure band clamp fittings 
for steam hoses

"Weinhold" flanged joint 
(divided flange)

WE-ER high pressure screw-on
pipe connection

WE-ER filter equipment 
for steam, gases and other media

"Weinhold" compressed air valve 
with pressure relief

"Weinhold" steam pistol 
for hot water and wet steam

"Weinhold" steam valve with gaskets made of Viton

for super pressure hoses

screw connections 

for steam and other media

WE-ER hydraulic hose fittings

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