Rensing av luft-og gassbåret støv og aerosoler
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SGL-Acotec GmbH

utvikler og leverer anlegg for rensing korrosive, agressive og giftige utslipp i luft og
gass-strømmer, vann-og prosess væsker.

Theisen GmbH

Utvikler og bygger roterende separatorer som meget effektivt vasker ut støv, faststoff og aerosoler fra røkgasser, prosessgasser og luft.

Last ned pdf-dokument "Theisen Disitegrator Process Gas Washer" (128 kb)

Gas Scrubbers (Pat. THEISEN) for:
* Top gas cleaning for shaft furnaces
* CO-gas cleaning for electric reduction furnaces
* Gas cleaning for gas generators
* Cleaning of synthesis gases
The principle item of a wet gas-cleaning plant, is the patented Theisen-Disintegrator-Washer. Developed by us, it is a self conductive wet separator with a particularly high efficiency separating rate, for solid particles and harmful gaseous pollutants. The plants which have been in operation for many decades, have proven trouble-free, because of the solidly designed Theisen disintegrators.
The volumetric performance ranges from 10m/h up to 150.000 m/h. This is further evidence for the flexibility of this high perfomance wet separating machine.

Function:After appropriate conditioning in a plant component, the dirty gas enters through two inlets, axially into the desintegrator housing., where the rotor (1) and stators (2) are arranged. Mounted on to the rotorshaft (3) which is supported by external bearings, are spraying cylinders (4) and the carrier disc (5). Also attached to the carrier disc are the rotating impingement-bar cages (1). These incorporate the central stators, likewise fitted with impingement-bar cages (2) that are rigidly bolted to the housing walls. The scrubbing fluid is conveyed through pipes (6) to the spraying cylinder (4) where it is atomized and then distributed over the entire rotor width. As a result of the centrifugal force of the rotor-bars, the gas-fluid mixture is thrown against the stationary impingement bars of the stators, producing a fine scrubbing mist that covers all solids in the dust loaden gas. This process is repeated within each rotor and stator cage, thus achieving very high separating efficiency rates, even with the finest dust particles, by using a corresponding number of rotor and stator impingement-bar cages. Each Theisen disintegrator is always succeeded by a scrubbing fluid separator in which the scrubbing fluid droplets are separated from the cleaned gas.

Theisen GmbH leverer også anlegg som renser den "suppen" som kommer ut av gass-scrubberen beskrevet ovenfor.

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